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Being a Poet: A Quick Summary

If you were around in the 1990s, chances are good you watched The Golden Girls. I think it is probably the only TV show that I can say with certainty that I watched every episode when it was first broadcast.

I think most of us who were fans had an extra-favorite character, and a character we identified with. As much as I loved all the girls, Rose was my extra-favorite, simply for the St. Olaf stories. However, I always related more to Dorothy — the awkward teen who grew up to be an English teacher. Books were a refuge for so many of us who were smart, introverted, awkward teens. Poetry has become a refuge for me as an adult.

The following is not too far removed from the responses I get when I mention that I study/read/write poetry:





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Quesadilla Style


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Little Miss Puffy Tail

I love, love, love this commercial:

Awaiting the Doctor (Addendum)

In my previous post, I said this:

She was in full “steam of consciousness talking” mode, which means I need to put my book down and make appropriate responses to whatever she’s saying. This can be challenging sometimes. What is the appropriate response to the remark “they say that using baby powder can give you vaginal cancer”? While this may be true, she doesn’t use baby powder. And more importantly: I don’t have a vagina, and am gay, so I’m rather unknowledgeable about how to appropriately speak to vaginal issues. (Sometimes I think in her declining years, having had a daughter might have been easier for her.)

So, instead of thinking of something suitable to say (because I was truly without a response, other than “oh”), I realized I had never tried the camera on my Kindle HD 6. So, I took photo of her instead.

As I was checking my Twitter feed this afternoon, I came across the perfect GIF that surely illustrates the look on my face while trying to find a suitable response.

When my 91-year old mother says (in a casual, out-of-the-blue, random way): “They say that using baby powder can give you vaginal cancer,” I be like: