I Dreamed A Dream

Last night I dreamt not that I went to Manderley again, but, rather, I dreamt I went to heaven.

No, not that heaven.

Last night I dreamt that I went to Book-Lover’s Heaven.

The entrance to Book-Lover’s Heaven is not a pearly gate, it’s a rather nondescript door, much like the entry door on any retail store. I opened the door and went through.

I had no idea of what was inside the door, until I opened it and stepped inside. Once I crossed the threshold, the knowledge of what lay inside washed through me.  It was a book store.  Not just any book store.  Book Store Heaven.  It was a massive complex of buildings and walkways, filled to capacity with books old and new.

The first building I entered was The History Section, several floors worth of any type of history book I could imagine.  The design was what I’d always envisioned a book store should look like: light colors and bright sunshine.  There were large overstuffed chairs and sofas to curl up on, to examine a book before taking it home.  There were lots of friendly, book-loving employees everywhere, so one never had to wait in line if one needed help finding a title, or locating a book.  All the books were neatly arranged, and perfectly alphabetized.  Every book resided in the place it was supposed to be.

After wandering around several floors of history books, I made my way to The Fiction Section, a ten story building where each floor was so large one could not see to the other side. Again, more bright sunshine, and comfortable reading nooks, and one could always find their favorite spot empty and waiting.

I was carrying several books as I wandered down a long walkway, with little street cafes on one side, with tables that overlooked a lazily meandering river.  There was plenty of hot coffee and tea being served, or a nice glass of wine, or whatever else one preferred to sip on as one read the pages of a favorite new book.

As I walked around, gazing at all the sights, trying to figure out where I wanted to go next, I spied  a sign that read, “Book Sale” and had an arrow pointing towards a door that was propped open with a stack of books.  My heart leapt!  What Book Lover doesn’t love books on sale?

I entered a building of warehouse proportions, with rows and rows of shelving units, packed with books, stacked with books, piled with books. As I tried to scope the place out, and come up with the best way to be sure I covered every aisle, my eye spied a big, thick book on the shelf nearest me, the title leaping out at me: “George and Dewe.”  (As far as I can tell, there is no such book in reality).  My heart started racing, and I casually walked over to it, trying not to call attention to myself or the book.  “George and Dewe” was The Book I had been wanting for a long time, but, it’s $55 cover price always gave me pause. Yet, here it was. And, on sale!  I didn’t want to get too excited, because I didn’t know what kind of “sale” prices were being offered in this place.  I held my breath, and slipped the book off the shelf, and, there on the front cover was the sale sticker.  One dollar! One Dollar!!

As the thrill of the orgasm-inducing sale price of the much coveted book coursed through my veins, another truth of Book-Lover’s Heaven was revealed to me: I had a credit card with an unlimited credit limit, and there was always going to be enough money to pay the credit card balance off each month.

I was quickly walking towards the large shopping carts lined up in the corner when I heard barking.

It was my dogs.  Barking at someone walking by.

Book-Lover’s Heaven vanished in the mists of dreams.

4 thoughts on “I Dreamed A Dream

    1. That’s not a bad idea… though, I don’t think I could sell if for $55.

      And, then, of course, I would have to figure out just what/who “Dewe” is.

  1. Almost my bed time and I am too pooped to start on tomorrow… er, today’s by the clock (EASTERN STANDARD) poetry reading. So maybe I’ll be lucky and drift off to book heaven.:)

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