Noon’s Tune at Noon: “Read ‘Em And Weep” (Jim Steinman Week)

Jim Steinman week continues with the video for Day 3.

When I was in eight grade, there was a girl in my class who loved Barry Manilow, and, if we’d lived in the same city as Manilow, I suspect she would have stalked him.  She had pictures of him taped to her notebooks and locker.  I sat next to her in one class, and I could usually catch her doodling his name over and over on her lined notebook paper.  I, on the other hand, was not much of a Manilow fan.  Ok, ok, so I know all the words to “I Write The Songs.”  Deal with it.  Other than that, meh.

For those of you of my generation, you’ll remember that Manilow looked like a real human being this:

For anyone who’s only just discovering Barry, you’ll see that he now looks like a sad, botoxed parody of himself this:

Plastic surgery aside, Manilow has what it takes to sing a Steinman song: a big voice.

Incidentally, lyrically, this is probably my favorite Steinman song.  From 1983:

Vodpod videos no longer available.

One thought on “Noon’s Tune at Noon: “Read ‘Em And Weep” (Jim Steinman Week)

  1. Why do people distort themselves so? He looks silly, as does poor Kenny Rogers. Helen Gurley-Brown looks like she’s stuck in a perpetual wind tunnel. Tragic.

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